Why I'm moving to Google+

For those of you who really care about these things (and those of you who don't) I want to let you know that I will be transitioning off Facebook over the coming weeks.

Instead my social networking will be done at Google+. I will be using their better privacy controls, free video conferencing facilities (hangouts), better search, and cleaner interface.

I would recommend those of you who believe that Mark Zuckerburg shouldn't be your portal into the internet join me over there.

"But I've spent so much time investing in Facebook!", you say. "I don't want to start again". "What happens if nobody I know comes with me?" 'What about all my 'stuff' on Facebook?", "Can I still play Farmville?", "What about my iPhone/Android/iPad?", "Can I still check-in?"

These are all legitimate questions. Luckily there are answers.

  • Google+ allows you to invite all your Facebook friends. The service already has 80 million users and increasing every day.
  • Through the use of a browser extension you can get all your Facebook posts into Google+ (as well as your Twitter feeds) and post to all of them at the same time. It's a two way feed and makes the transition MUCH MUCH easier!
  • The concept of Circles and sharing is much MUCH easier and more straightforward on Google+ than lists are on Facebook. I can select who gets what and post different things to my ''Work Friends' than to my 'Family'
  • Did I mention free video conferencing?
  • Google+ has Games. Lots of them!
  • Yes, there's a mobile app for this!
  • And the app allows check-in's on the go.

With Facebook's new Timeline feature and associated apps it will become increasingly difficult to do anything on the web without it being automatically posted to your timeline (and to anyone in your timeline, too). Tests have indicated that even when you are logged off Facebook it will still track your movements and report back to the mothership.... scary!

Of course there are going to be problems. There always are with new products. And for some of you Google+ just isn't going to work. You won't like the simplicity, or the interface, or the fact that there isn't a 'ticker' running up the side with everything that everybody is doing on it. If that's the case, then fine. I'm sure Facebook is the way to go. After all, from 750 million users there are bound to be some who think Facebook is great and should be their number 1 portal into the internet.

My Facebook feed will still come into Google+ for a while. I'll still be around answering questions and adding comments, but Google+ will be my main social network. Almost everything I post to Google+ will be reflected in Facebook (except those things that, you know, I only want to post to Google+ circles which is - after all - one of the reasons for moving across)

If you wish to join me over there, head over to Google+ yourself and sign up.
Here is an awesome little presentation that shows you how to start using Circles, posting and such like.
Here is the link to the browser extension that allows you to cross post to Facebook until your friends have moved across.
If you wish to add me, feel free to do so. I'm here