My day is split into several areas depending  on what I decide to do. Typically my day is one of either Business Process work, Blogging and web work or acting/filming.

Business Process work: This could involve working on items to improve the business, making and maintaining contacts or out with clients helping them solve business problems through Business process work

Blogging: I have three blogs which need to be managed each day. This involves answering e-mails, writing and posting articles, checking out what the competition is doing and building an on-line presence

Acting/ filming:  In a typical day could be working on a script (writing or learning), putting together a shooting schedule for a short, or out on set either filming something (maybe with the guys over at OTT Films) or as a supporting artiste on films such as “Easy Virtue”, "Clash of The Titans", or "The Special Relationship". Additionally I could be working on a production from either Hartley Arts Group or The Loddon Players. My most recent stage appearance was as Victor Frankenstein in 'Frankenstein'

Those of you in the UK can currently see me playing a journalist in ITV's production of Mr Selfridge. I can also be seen as a funeral director in Steven Poliakoff's 'Dancing On The Edge'.